You have chosen well.

You won't find a better collection of neighbors, schools, churches, entertainment, attractions and fun anywhere in the U.S.

To affirm that proclamation and help ease the Newcomers' transition burdens, we —23 West Partnership CouncilSM (23WPC)— have compiled an eBrochure of essential amenities, including: Fun Stuff, Relocation Stuff, Must-Know Stuff, and More Stuff. You will find things like:

  • a Pet 24-hour Emergency Service 

  • a site for Neighborhood Happenings and Events

  • the NES Outage Number

  • the Metro Water Number

  • Contact info for local Police Precincts, Libraries, Parks, Public Schools, Recycling Centers—you name it

  • There’s even an interactive map to point you in the right direction AND that will VISUALIZE incidents that affect you, like building permits, street and sidewalk improvements, and hubNashville requests

  • Click and See...

The eBrochure is brought to you by the 23 West Partnership Council SM

This link will take you to NashView, a Nashville.gov webpage where you can see what District you are in. Underneath filters, select map options, then select the magnifying glass, then select 23 and you will see a larger map showing streets and houses.

What is it_


The 23 West Partnership Council SM is an organized group of FUNatical neighbors who want to keep what's good in the hood. 

Our mission is...

to PRESERVE and ENHANCE the quality of life of the residents of the 23rd Council District of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County through the consolidated and combined resources of the member Neighborhoods, AND


to SECURE an equitable improvement to all member Neighborhoods, providing a safe, comfortable, attractive, and sound living environment in West Nashville.

How do we accomplish that?

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We will send you—Staying in Touch—a newsletter full of neighborhood happenings, legislation impacting the hood, and other relevant news items. Staying in Touch is written by our District 23 Representative, Thom Druffel. 


If you have questions and would like to message Thom direct, email him at thom.druffel@nashville.gov –or– call at 615.767.6458. His website is thomdruffel.com.

Promise: We will message you on a need-to-know basis only.

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